The Coffee Guy



Each TCG franchisee conducts their business in a specifically defined geographic territory. The territory is drawn up based on business data provided by a mapping company. Each territory will have its own unique characteristics based on the number of small to medium sized work-places, acquiring a regular customer base at these businesses is critical to the success of The Coffee Guy. 

The Coffee Guy provides successful geographic areas for each franchise to operate within based on these key factors:

  • Number of small to medium businesses within the territory containing between 1-50 employees
  • Location of populated businesses and industrial centres. These are are the bulk of coffee sales, each territory will ideally have a respective commercial centre to service.
  • Density of working population, for example major cities have high volumes of workers in compact areas spread out over a greater region. 

We strive to provide our franchisees with enough business within their territory to ensure they are successful, and could potentially add another van if desired. 



Your training will begin as soon as you are approved to begin your Coffee Guy business. As part of the approval letter you will be sent instructions for the activities you need to get underway. Here the fun starts! Your training will commence via our online portal RIOT, even before you attend our facilities here on the Gold Coast.

Here on the beautiful Gold Coast you will need to attend our facilities for 1 week. During this week you will learn skills in the following areas:

  • Barista skills
  • Operational Excellence
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • RIOT training
  • Business Financials
  • Supplier set up and ordering

In-between the training week and the arrival of your launch specialist you will have 1 week at home to get all the necessary actions completed. These include van collection, buying necessary items, stock ordering and general business actions required.


The Coffee Guy launch is a tailored 2 week experience designed to give your business the best start possible.  
For the 2 weeks a launch specialist will be with you to:

  • Build your customer base
  • Build your barista skills
  • Pass on customer service skills
  • Show you how to open/close the van
  • Assist you with home set up procedures
  • Assist you with stock ordering procedures
  • Help you with conducting promotions

Our Launch Specialist will help you build your business to a level within 2 weeks you could not accomplish yourself. The importance of the launch is paramount to the success for both parties. 

For You : you have 2 weeks one on one training to assist you with every aspect of your business AND you will be left with customers we have helped you obtain.

For Us : We know we will be able to pass on all the necessary and correct skills you need to run a successful Coffee Guy business. 

Years of experience have taught us if we leave you with a solid, functioning business we know you have every chance of going on to enjoy a successful business.  With your success working together becomes a very enjoyable experience.