The Coffee Guy mobile coffee van is a dream come true for the industry.  Through utilisation of technology and a desire to provide a simple, cost efficient system we are able to deliver a product which ticks all the boxes.


Being green focused we are using power systems to alleviate the impact on the environment. 

With our dedicated engineers we have utilised the space of the Suzuki APV, a fantastic light commercial vehicle, to enable quality efficient service.

With our experience in crafting a quality espresso coffee and the innovative design of the TCG mobile coffee van you have the chance to operate one of the simplest, cost efficient and environmentally friendly small businesses available.

What makes the van so good? 

  • We have incorporated LPG gas technology to operate the espresso machine.  
  • In addition to this we have a battery pack with enough juice to power a low eco fridge, a blender specifically for use with full cube ice and an on demand grinder enabling quality control and fresh coffee every time.
  • By using these power sources we are not only reducing our carbon footprint we are lessening the costs of running a small business and therefore increasing your chance of succeeding.


  1. Simplicity : only the necessary equipment, space and technology is utlisied in the design of the van.  Its primary purpose is to serve quality coffee.
  2. Quality : To serve the primary purpose of providing great quality we have ensured all aspects of the van build are top quality.  From the SAB Italia Espresso machine to the Magnasine Inverter/Charger we have picked quality equipment plus we have created space and designed the van especially to cater for the mobile coffee market.
  3. Cost Savings : The Coffee Guy in New Zealand incorporated gas/battery power for the van and is a huge success with 55 vans in a very small area.  The Australian van has gone one more in terms of efficiency.  We have been able to add a fridge and blender to the design and are still able to enjoy fantastic cost efficiencies. 

Van Inclusions

  • 2 Group Dual Power commercial espresso  machine
  • On demand grinder
  • Ice cube grade frappe blender
  • Manual, lockable cash drawer
  • Green Sense low economical 138 litre fridge
  • Automated, smart Inverter/Charger
  • 4 industrial gel batteries
  • Hand wash system
  • Water pump
  • Carbon Phosphate water filter designed for commercial espresso machines
  • Fire extinguisher
  • First aid kit
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Powder coating finish
  • Industrial strength drawers
  • Vehicle stability assistance
  • Internal wastage tank
  • 80 litre water tank
  • Custom designed and approved gas system
  • Additional bench facility to assist with operation
  • Air horn
  • Custom designed gas extraction system
  • Flexible design with operator use at the forefront


Mobile Coffee Van